Tools to simplify your life as a blogger

Many bloggers can agree that blogging can be a very rewarding experience. It allows you to share your thoughts and experiences in a manner that can reach many persons.
It enables you to learn so many new concepts and ideas each day. The advantage is that you can share these views with others and receive thoughtful feedback.
The greatest benefit with blogging is that it encourages ceaseless learning, as knowledge has no limits. Even the most experienced blogger down to a novice blogger can still learn new viewpoints and methods, that aid in expanding their mind and increasing the productivity of their blog.
Here are some great blogging tools to simplify your life, which has been comprised to assist you with your blog. This advice and tools are great for keeping you on track and ensuring that your blog continues to reach a grander audience.
How to Properly Manage Your Time As A Blogger

Many bloggers often subject themselves to a schedule for writing blogs. However, it is important when seeking to produce content for your blog, to write as the momentum hits.
Surrendering to a schedule can often jeopardize the ingenuity and sense of creativity that is at the foundation of your content. Specifically speaking, pressing yourself to persistently produce a multitude of blogs per week, can stifle your creative juices.
Instead, simply allocate 30 minutes per day of uninterrupted time, in which you are able to actively write. This will allow you to willfully write content that is original and does not lack fervor.
An amazing tool that can help with distractions is, a website called Self-Control, that can help Mac users blacklist websites that are often a major disturbance while working. This website is free and provides those who need help keeping on track, to avoid tempting distractions.
This website makes it difficult for you to lose focus by rejecting your access to these sites. It essentially keeps you working and limits work interference.
For those that do not have Macs, there is an amazing app that can be used on all devices including, PC’s, Macs and Mobile devices. Much like Self-Control, this app called Freedom completely eliminates distractions and assists you in allocating time for work.
This app is more advanced then Self-Control and comes at cost of $2.42 per month. However, if you require true uninterrupted time on all of your devices for your work, this app is ideal for integrating that time.
Overall taking advantage of blogging tools to simplify your life such as these is a great lead way to increased production. An improved work habit leads to a more successful blog, and in turn, attracts readers.
It’s Okay to Outsource Work To Other Freelancers

If you are a blogger you are certainly aware that doing everything on your own is such a gratifying experience. It indicates how well rounded and experienced you are as a blogger.
However, every blogger has their own life and responsibilities that they have to tend to and often times, doing things independently is not always the best solution. Adopting habits such as outsourcing when required can be a very helpful action.
For example outsourcing for the web or blog design, graphic design, copywriting, photography or even ghostwriting for your blog, are great ways to eliminate stress. In fact, it can keep you focused on elements of your life or blog that you can handle.
It is completely okay to hire someone that performs work that goes beyond your talents. Having them focus on things that they are well-versed in, allows you to use your time wisely.
There are amazing freelance websites built for people just like you that are searching for people to work on things that they are capable of handling. These websites allow you post projects that require completion, and also actively search and invite qualified workers to work on your assignment.
Great freelance websites include Upwork,, and many others. These websites allow you to post your jobs for free and set compensation for your project.
However, if you lack the funds to hire someone to complete certain jobs for you, you can always collaborate with individuals on social media. Post your project on Instagram, Twitter or any other social media site and you’ll be surprised with who you can attract.
A common agreement can be made between you both that allow you to collaborate minus monetary exchange. You can agree to have them complete the work in exchange for the experience and exposure on your blog and/or social media sites.

Overall, there are many blogging tools to simplify your life that can be adopted to assist you with the attention and success that you are hoping to achieve with your blog. Hopefully, with the advice and tools mentioned here, you will be well on your way to increased exposure and productivity.

George Scott
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