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Business blogs are a great way to increase traffic to your website. If done correctly, then they can help business of all sizes to grow further. However, blogging is not a very easy job. Many people lose patience and abandon their blogs after a point of time. Here are some business blogging tips which you should consider:

1. Write content which will excite your fans: In order to increase the traffic to your blog, you should post content which is entertaining and will excite the readers. It should be something which the readers will be able to connect to. For example, if you are in the restaurant business, then you can post about recipes. If you manage to establish yourself as a leader in your industry, then your readers will be able to trust you more and your traffic will also subsequently increase.

2. Write Catchy Headlines: The headline of the article needs to be catchy. Your readers will open the article only if they find the headline attractive. No matter how good the article is, unless the headline is catchy, no one will bother to read it. Avoid making the usual beginner’s mistakes!

3. Invite guest bloggers: It is also a great idea to invite guest bloggers frequently. You can invite experts in your industry or even someone within your own company who has a penchant for writing. And if your guest blogger has a long list of followers, then you may also be able to increase your follower base.

4. Interact with your readers: Just posting articles and updating your blog is not enough. In order to truly connect with your readers, you have to interact with them. Make sure that you reply to all their questions and queries. They will also feel more valued.

5. Look out for current topics: Just posting articles relating to your industry may get boring after a certain point of time. In order to diversify, you should keep an eye on all the current and trending topics. It will be great if you manage to link these topics to your industry.

6. Make the visitors subscribe to an email list: This is a trick which you should follow to retain most of your visitors. If your blog is good, then they will definitely subscribe to the mailing list so that they get notifications when a new blog is posted. This way both your blog and your email list can simultaneously grow.

7. Post frequently: You need to be frequent with your blog posts. If you post one or 2 blogs a month, then people will gradually lose interest. On the other hand, if you post resourceful articles frequently, then people will get in the habit of visiting your blog. Ideally, you should make at least 2 blog posts every week.

8. Use a friendly tone: Make sure that you write the blogs in a conversational and friendly tone. All of your viewers may not be aware of all the technical terms. Hence, write the blogs in a simple language so that everyone is able to understand it. Also, don’t make your blogs look like a sales pitch. The purpose is to communicate with your readers and not sell. Imaginaire Digital wrote a great article about some of the best practises to apply to your copywriting efforts.

9. Conduct interviews: In order to make your blog more exciting, you can invite an expert in your industry and conduct interviews. When you request an expert for an interview, then he or she is also expected to share the interview with his or her followers. So you also get an opportunity to increase your follower base. You can also ask one of your customers to provide a detailed review. Holding webinars is another great idea.

10. Design your blog: Improving the quality of the content of your blog will obviously be your first priority. But apart from that, your blog also needs to look good. It should be visually attractive. Also, make sure that it is easily navigable and loads quickly. It will be great if you can hire a designer for your blog. You can do it yourself also if you want.

11. Post your own images and videos: You should post as many photos and videos in your blogs as possible to make it more readable. Just plain text will look very boring. Instead of obtaining the photos from other websites, you should try to use photos which you have clicked yourself because it helps with the SEO.

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