Blogging tools to Draw More Readers to Your Blog

Every blogger dreams of attracting thousands of daily readers. Many bloggers have attained that goal, but with hard work. Whether you are a casual blogger or an online marketer, you can benefit from many readers. Here are five great ways to draw more readers to your blog.

1. Get familiar with SEO

SEO means search engine optimisation, and it is a great way to receive organic traffic from search engines. Using proper SEO methods, many bloggers receives thousands of visits just from organic search listings. Many visitors tend to come back to the site shortly. Because of this, SEO is probably the most important tool you have available to draw more readers to your blog.

Pay attention to your keywords; they are the most important aspect of search results. Google uses keywords to match relevant sites with search terms. However, Google is also transitioning into a more democratic type of search algorithm, using its social media site and the plus one button to help differentiate between low and high-quality sites.

2. Simply ask for more readers

There is a great power with a simple request. Many people feel compelled to respond to a simple favour. If you ask your visitors to share your blog with their friends, many of them will respond to your request. Never be afraid to make a simple request.

3. Hold contests

People love sites that are engaging. There is nothing more engaging than a community contest — even if the prize is small. Make sure you promote the contest for a long period, giving people enough notice to participate and invite their friends. The contest may be to see how many people one person can get to sign up for a newsletter. Other ideas for contests may be to see how many people one person can get to like your Facebook page.

4. Use social media

Did you know there are more than 750 million users on Facebook? Therefore, you should create a page for your blog on Facebook and promote it to all of your friends. Once your friends have become a fan, they can help you by promoting your page and blog to their buddies. There are various ways you can promote your business or blog on Facebook, so always be researching new ideas.

5. Submit your blog to blog directories

Many people think that Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the only search engines that are significant, but in reality, many people go to specific blog search engines to find blogs that cover the content there are looking for. Make sure you submit your blog to every possible blog directory. Technorati is one site that is very popular for bloggers.

6. Ensure each post is well written

Making sure that each blog post you write is engaging to your audience will pay dividends in the long run as they’ll be more likely to share your content across social media and, ultimately, drive traffic to your blog.

Imaginaire Digital wrote a great article about writing good copy and it’s well worth a read for some actionable tips.

Utilize these five tips to help you draw more readers to your blog. You can greatly grow your brand, company or personal presence in the online community — it only takes a little work.
Become more active on forums related to your blog’s topic-This tactic is super-easy, and fun too. However, remember that on a forum, you’re not allowed to blatantly promote your blog. Use the signature line in your forum messages to provide a link to your blog – don’t advertise it in any other way.Over time as you become a trusted member of the forum, forum members will visit your blog.

The fact is that a lot of us just don’t have enough hours in the day to keep writing enough new content to keep our websites regularly updated. If you have this problem yourself, then you can examine using private label articles instead. These articles can be purchased, and if you’d like to get the maximum use out of this material, you can split them into pieces and make a few articles out of one.

Another method many bloggers use is RSS feeds. While these can keep your site updated very easily, many bloggers and webmasters have not begun to use it since this uses content which is from other sites and therefore not unique – and readers can click on these links and navigate away from your site.
Creating your content is the best, but if you’re not able to do this, then hiring a writer to create your content for you is the next best. Something which you should be sure to avoid is using automated content creation software. These programs create content which is of low quality and will not get you results regarding search engine ranking or popularity with readers – as they always say, garbage in, garbage out.

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