7 Types Of Blog Post Proven To Drive Traffic

Blogging has been big news for a long time now, but most blogs that are set up never turn into anything. The difference between a successful blog and one that fades away is traffic — if no one sees the blog and what you’re writing about, you’ll never do well. Here I’ll share with you the 7 different types of blog post that are proven to drive traffic to get people to read your blog.

List posts

We all love lists and use them in everyday life. The shopping list for example. The list post allows you to share lots of information that is easy to read and digest. It is a way in which to encourage clicks, as the list headline is very tempting. It should follow the format of introducing the problem/question; listing the solutions and then ending with a conclusion.

How-to guides

This is a classic type of post as all of us at some point will search the Internet to find out how to do something. The how-to guide is a fantastic content opportunity. You will need to research the common problems that are within your specific industry and then create the relevant how-to guides.

Buyer’s guides

The buyer’s guide is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your site. This type of post helps people. We all like to make informed decisions and to read expert opinions before we commit to a product or service. Just remember to keep the guide relevant to your business and keep it simple. The use of images also helps.

Roundup posts

The round up post is famed for its ability to generate links, blog traffic and social media shares. Ultimately the round up post is great exposure. It allows you to promote your brand in a way that is very simple and not ‘pushy’. To begin you need to find similar round up posts within your industry and then create your own. Use experts who can contribute to your post. This will generate many clicks as well as social media shares.

Checklist posts

The checklist post is very simple to construct. Start by researching your particular industry for common checklists that are already out there and then tap into this information. Include an introduction, the checklist and summary. What people like best about this type of post is that it helps to reassure them. It is also easy to print out.


Why not go the audio route? Many websites now include the podcast as part of a blog to enhance the information that they are sharing. They are very easy to produce but more importantly add that all important personal touch. It is also an incredibly flexible type of media as the podcast can be listened to anywhere; from the car journey to the office or on the school run.


The infographic is a fantastic way to display a lot of information as it is done so visually. We all love visuals and it is one of the most popular types of blog content. You can include relevant data, stats and research in a visually stunning way. The best way to create the infographic is by using the skills of a graphic designer. Another option is to find an infographic that is already out there by conducting a Google search [infographic] + [topic].

Obviously, the success of any blog doesn’t hinge entirely on creating each type of post that we’ve listed, they’re just ideas of the post types that are most commonly shared on social media and that drive the most engagement. The driving force behind any blog is how you promote it and ensuring that you’re building a social following and that all of your SEO is up to scratch is hugely important.

George Scott
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