5 Elements of the Perfect Home Office

If you’re serious about building your blogging business and developing a blog that allows you to live off its revenue, then you need to start thinking about how to work smarter! Blogging relies heavily on your creativity and so creating a relaxing environment to work in is essential.

We’ve put together 5 elements of a good working environment in which to build your blog:

#1 – A good laptop

This is pretty much a given, but we’ve spoken to plenty of bloggers that are still running outdated machines that run slowly and take forever to even load up your blog dashboard, let alone any software like Photoshop!

At Blogthot, we’re keen advocates of Macs. They last ages and they work quickly for all of your everyday tasks. If you’re literally only interested in writing your posts and hitting publish, then the Macbook Air will be perfectly adequate for your needs – it’ll be less heavy on your wallet too!


If, however, you’re looking to edit photos with something like Photoshop and possibly edit videos too, then we’d recommend saving up a bit longer and getting the Macbook Pro.

If you’re really committed to Windows, we’d recommend a Lenovo machine and we’ve got friends that swear by them.

#2 – A comfy chair

The second thing that we’d recommend investing in is a decent office chair. If you’re going to be spending large amounts of time staring at your computer, then your back will thank you for investing in a proper chair that supports your back.

We recently bought new office chairs from a company called Romo Furniture. They’re based in the UK and offer next day delivery for free on all items which really comes in handy. If you have back issues, or you just want to look after your back, then they offer a range of chiropractor approved ergonomic office chairs.

#3 – A desk with storage

No matter how much you convince yourself that you want to work from the sofa or from your bed, in reality, you’ll sometimes want the structure of working from a desk.

If you’re able to, we’d thoroughly recommend having an entire room dedicated as a home office – it works wonders for your concentration and indeed, your sanity.

Make sure that whatever desk you buy has good storage built in too, you’ll build up paperwork over time and it’s nice to keep things tidy. Tidy desk, tidy mind!

#4 – A breakout area/beanbag

Going against what we’ve just said about having a desk, sometimes you’ll want to get rid of the structure and just work in comfort. Have a beanbag or something similar somewhere to break your day up and allow you to relax a little.

Argos have got an entire section of their website dedicated to beanbags and some of them don’t break the bank!

#5 – A window to look out of

Ok, so you can’t exactly buy this feature very easily, but sometimes being able to see the outdoors can really help your creativity. Locating yourself by a window will work wonders for allowing your body the natural light it craves and generally keeping you happier!


Something that we’re saving for at Blogthot towers is an outdoor garden office… Although they do cost a fair amount of money, the garden offices from thegardenoffice.co.uk look fab!


Right, well hopefully that’s helped you guys out a bit and we’d absolutely love to see some of your home offices, so feel free to send them to us at info@blogthot.com and who knows, we might feature them!

George Scott
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