SEO Checklist For Your Blog

When it comes to blogging, there are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your blog (see our post about the types of post that have the most potential for driving traffic), but one of the most cost effective channels is undoubtedly through Search Engine Optimisation. For that reason, we've spoken to a number of experts and come up with an SEO Checklist to run through before you hit publish on any post. Without further adieu, here's a run through of the SEO checklist with thingsĀ to check before you hit publish! The SEO Checklist Topic Choice Choosing a topic to write about is often something that people don't really think about; they just write about their current thoughts. This is all well and good and you should definitely have creative freedom when it comes to your blog, but it pays to look into what your readers find interesting. A great tool to check this...

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Blog Traffic Tips

7 Types Of Blog Post Proven To Drive Traffic

Blogging has been big news for a long time now, but most blogs that are set up never turn into anything. The difference between a successful blog and one that fades away is traffic -- if no one sees the blog and what you're writing about, you'll never do well. Here I'll share with you the 7 different types of blog post that are proven to drive traffic to get people to read your blog. List posts We all love lists and use them in everyday life. The shopping list for example. The list post allows you to share lots of information that is easy to read and digest. It is a way in which to encourage clicks, as the list headline is very tempting. It should follow the format of introducing the problem/question; listing the solutions and then ending with a conclusion. How-to guides This is a classic type of post as all...

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A guide to workplace productivity

Workplace productivity is defined as the combination of a shared vision and teamwork, existing in a friendly environment to enhance the organization's success. Any workplace no mater how big or small, should be driven by efficiency and stakeholder satisfaction, the result of which is a rewarding work environment for the employees and tangible results for the organization. In case of a reduced input and lower efficiency levels, the business will be affected negatively in terms of survival and sustainability. Workplace productivity has a huge impact on the employees, the organization the employers and the economy at large, a reason why it has to be taken seriously. Even where there is a highly enabling workplace environment, however, sometimes productivity is low. This cannot be blamed on the employees alone because there are several complementary key drivers of productivity, based on the fact that a small change in one aspect of the organization...

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Welcome to the blogthot blog!

Welcome to the blogthot blog where we are looking forward to getting started with providing you with all manner of business advice -- especially when it comes to digital marketing and blogging! Please keep checking back and we'll be updating the site very soon with lots of great content from our staff and guest contributors....

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